Media Appearances

StarTalk All-Stars

I have been on two episodes of StarTalk-All Stars:

Dinosaur Sex (December 2018)

Dinosaurs 101 (September 2018)

It’s Okay To Be Smart

I was the dinosaur expert in the 2018 Thanksgiving episode of the show and it was very fun!

AAAS Member Spotlight

Thanks for featuring me, AAAS!

Talk Nerdy Podcast

I was a guest on Cara Santa Maria's podcast Talk Nerdy (May 2017)


Female of the Species Podcast

I was interviewed by host Phoebe Cohen about my life as a female paleontologist (2017)


Forbes 30 Under 30 Science 2015

I was selected as one of the top scientists under 30 years old in 2015 for Forbes


That time I replied to a Trump tweet

I accidentally (and briefly) started a science communication internet sensation when I replied to a tweet by Donald Trump with a fact about dinosaurs. Two sites analyzed the success of "sci-jacking" here

Should Scientists SciJack Trump's Tweets?

SciJack: Co-opting Twitter for Science Communication


Richard Gilder Graduate School Interviews

Interview on "The New York Times Close Up" with Ellen Futter on NY1